A Road To Reducing Hunger

We are on the Road to Reducing Hunger with an expanded RCAH Food Recovery Program!

Rockland Community Against Hunger (RCAH) is a collaborative of Food Pantries and Feeding Programs in Rockland County, NY.  It’s lead agency TOUCH, in collaboration with BRiDGES and Meals on Wheels of Rockland recently received a grant to acquire the storage capacity and new vehicles to recover food and distribute it to support more than 40 Food Pantries and Feeding Programs throughout Rockland County.

Now WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue the journey!   To get started, we need to raise money for supporting equipment and supplies. 

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Millions of Americans face food insecurity, which impacts numerous aspects of an individual’s life, including physical and mental health, academic performance, and future economic productivity.

WHAT is food insecurity?  Lacking access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life and often no guarantee of the next meal.

WHO is food insecure? One in every 6 Americans

The number of people in Rockland County requiring additional healthy food is growing at alarming levels! 14.4% of Rockland County residents survive at poverty level, most being food insecure.

To meet this growing need, The RCAH Food Recovery Program will pick up healthy recoverable food from supermarkets, farms, farmers’ markets and the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and distribute this to the many Food Pantries and Feeding Programs throughout Rockland County.  

Your donation of:

  • $250  will buy a 1/2 of a scale, a truck ramp, or 2 rolling carts
  • $100 – will buy 2 floor mats or a rolling cart
  • $50 – will buy a bin to store the food  (but we need 20 of them!)
  • $ 10-25 – helps to buy supplies  (totaling $1,000)