Connections: Employment and Marketing Services, LLC is a subsidiary of BRIDGES and houses the following businesses:

Cafe Logo

Independence Café, located at the Rockland County Court House, provides a daily convenience to approximately 600 to 1,000 employees, guests and officials.  Staffed by veterans and people with disabilities, the Independence Café uses local vendors to offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate, potato chips, cold beverages and other convenience products.

unique boutique logo

The Independence Café – A Unique Boutique, located in the Welcome Center of BRIDGES offices on the second floor of the Palisades Center Mall, sells unique gift items made by and for people with disabilities. Items include scented candles, soaps, artwork, cards, sweatshirts, bags, and more.

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BRIDGES is proud to announce the opening of Rockland County’s only universal fitness center, Active Connections, currently offering virtual live classes and unlimited access to a library of customized exercise videos. Members will receive a personalized physical assessment/fitness evaluation performed by licensed, trained clinicians and exercise programs based upon your own unique needs with classes led by trained professionals.  Sign up here.