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BRIDGES operates a variety of programs under the heading of Independent Living Services (ILS).  Programs and services are guided by the philosophy of Independent Living to provide the necessary supports for individuals with disabilities to experience autonomy in all areas of living. Many of these programs are operated in collaboration with other service providers, government agencies, and community partners.

Programs include:

  • Open Doors – Assists individuals living in a nursing home or Intermediate Care Facility in making decisions regarding home and community-based services.
  • Access to Home for Medicaid Recipients – Provides financial assistance to make dwelling units accessible for low- and moderate-income persons receiving Medicaid and living with a disability.
  • Access to Home for Heroes – Provides financial assistance to make accessibility modifications and home repairs to the primary residences of low- and moderate-income veterans with disabilities.
  • Employment Services – Resources and activities for individuals seeking career and job opportunities.
  • Equine Therapy – Horseback riding lessons for students with disabilities to enhance quality of life.
  • Benefits Enrolment Center - Helps low-income, Medicare-eligible seniors and persons with disabilities to identify and apply for benefits programs.
  • Benefits Advisement and Healthcare Navigation – Assists individuals with disabilities to access health care services and provides benefits counseling.
  • Parent Advocacy – Supports families in the process of seeking appropriate education services.
  • Peer Services – Provides support and connection with individuals with shared lived experiences.
  • Pro-Youth – Provides pre-employment transition services for youth with disabilities.
  • Independent Living Skills Training – Assists individuals with disabilities in understanding transportation options and accessible means of travel.
  • Information & Referral Services – Connects people with information and referrals to programs, services, and community resources.
  • Transitional Support – Helps people transfer from Skilled Nursing Facilities back into the community.

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The Bridge AiE – A podcast from the ILS team at BRIDGES about the world of disability.
In My Shoes School Program – Helping students understand what life is like with a disability through simulated experiences, guest speakers, and discussions.