Community Re-Entry and Integration


Who we are and what we do:

Integration Services breaks down barriers for justice-involved individuals through advocacy that creates system changes; provides person-centered support to empower individuals returning home from correctional facilities and others diverted from incarceration; and focuses on building an inclusive community where each individual is treated with dignity and worth.


Transition Planning

Case Management

Referral Services


We provide and connect individuals to:

  • Housing Opportunities
  • Employment Assistance (including Ready, Set, Work!)
  • Benefits Advisement
  • Vocational Training
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Behavioral Health Referrals
  • Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (Interactive Journaling)
  • Peer Recovery Support Services and Mentoring


“Learning how to dance in the rain while going through a storm is not easy but I can do it because I have been given the tools through BRIDGES.” – Kim

“Very caring, hands on staff who were always willing to go the extra mile to help” – John

“I was released from prison and a few days later I met the BRIDGES staff. They are friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental. When I need help, support, and assistance, BRIDGES is there.”  – Jerome

Integration Services Programs:

Rockland County Re-Entry Program is one of 20 re-entry programs funded through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. This program provides pre and post-release case management for individuals under parole supervision.  Participants are involved in the creation of a re-entry plan and are encouraged to take ownership in their communities and break the cycle of recidivism.

SAMHSA Re-Entry Program expands services for adults who struggle with substance use, mental health, or co-occurring disorders.  The program supports individuals throughout the stages of their recovery. The process begins pre-release to ensure a successful transition into the community from state and local correctional facilities.

Employment Focused Program assists justice-involved adults throughout the process of obtaining employment. This program equips participants with the skills to navigate the job market, discover their interests, and understand their rights as a person with prior convictions.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Alternative to Incarceration (IDDATI) is a program that supports and advocates for justice-involved persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Individuals elect to participate in the program and are motivated towards pro-social behavior through adaptable case management. Services are tailored to the participant’s specific goals with the greater objective of integrating independently into their community. IDDATI works in conjunction with Integration Services to remove stigma and increase positive awareness in our communities.

Nicole Prais | Re-Entry Coordinator | | 845-624-1366 ext. 136
Barbara Zeko | SAMHSA Project Director | | 845-624-1366 ext. 121