Carlos Martinez, LMSW – Executive Director
Lorraine Greenwell, LMSW, MPH – Deputy Executive Director
Kathleen Kovach – Executive Administrative Assistant 

Programs & Services
Nicole Sirignano, MA – Director of Operations

Independent Living Services (ILS)
Carlos Roman – ILS Coordinator
Brittany Weiner – Program Advocate, Housing and Transition Advocacy
Gisele Gerard – Senior Benefits Adviser (Bilingual: Creole)
Jason Ross – Peer Specialist
Kenneth Chi – Program Advocate, Transportation
Victoria Iglesias – Program Advocate, Employment Supports (Bilingual: Spanish)
Zachary Masters – Program Advocate, Advocacy

PASER Self-Directed Personal Assistance Services
George Vasquez – PASER Coordinator (Bilingual: Spanish)
Elizabeth Liz Reynoso – PASER Specialist (Bilingual: Spanish)
Mary Zugibe – PASER Specialist
Mercedes Guzman – PASER Specialist (Bilingual: Spanish)
Sabine Jacques – PASER Specialist (Bilingual: Creole)
Patrick Hennessy – Authorization Specialist

Intake & Outreach
Chrystelle Wade – Intake Specialist (Bilingual: French)
Joseph Quelch – Outreach Specialist

Integration Services
Dana Krengel – Director of Integration Services / Rockland County Re-Entry Task Force Coordinator
Vacant – Workforce Development Specialist
Tamiko Sergio – IDD/ATI Case Manager
Taylor DeClerck – Re-Entry Case Manager

Jessica Rodriguez – SAMHSA Re-entry Project Director
Leah Mass – SAMHSA Re-Entry Case Manager
Esther Laaninen – SAMHSA Re-Entry Case Manager
Sherine Jesuthasan – SAMHSA Administrative Assistant

PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Vet To Vet Support Program
Sharon Bailey, LCSW  – Veteran Outreach Administrator
Flore Raphael – Veteran Outreach Coordinator
Ismael (Izzy) Quintana – Veteran Outreach Coordinator
Chris Martinez – Veteran Outreach Coordinator
Dominick Caiazzo – Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Independence Cafe (Located at the Rockland County Court House)
Howard Olay  – Cafe Manager
Sam Jung  – Cafe Manager

CHORE Program
Tom Ternquist  – Program Coordinator

William Jelen – Director of Finance/Controller
Marie Quirk – Senior Staff Accountant
Carlos Guzman – Billing Specialist

Human Resources
Nanci Goldman – Director of Human Resources

Regina DiOrio, J.D. – Grant Administrator

Office Management
Judith Kornell – Office Manager
Kevin Ferrer – Receptionist (Bilingual: Spanish)
Peter Duffy – Office Assistant