Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI)

BRiDGES implements all programs, services, and administrative supports in accordance with an agency-wide Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI) system which promotes a series of checks and balances to ensure efficient, effective practices in all areas of operation.  In order to fulfill this commitment, BRiDGES actively engages stakeholders at every level, including and not limited to: individuals utilizing services, government agencies, service providers, community organizations, employees, and community members supportive of the BRiDGES mission.

The BRiDGES PQI program incorporates measures of performance, including and not limited to:

  • Objectives with Expected Measurable Outcomes
  • Inclusion of Statistical & Experiential Data
  • Data Collection, Documentation, & Data Entry
  • Data Review, Analysis, & Interpretation
  • Reporting & Feedback to BRiDGES Stakeholders
  • Data-Driven Recommendations for Improvement