Connections: Employment & Marketing Services

Connections: Employment & Marketing Services, LLC (Connections) represents an innovative approach to advancing entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  BRiDGES operates Connections as the Sole Member of the Limited Liability Company established to advance the mission of BRiDGES by enabling individuals with disabilities to gain and demonstrate employment skills necessary to develop their own businesses.  Each Connections project originates with a business concept advanced by individuals with disabilities. BRiDGES develops each concept, mindful of community needs, to determine the potential viability, business capacity, and service opportunity.

Through Connections, BRiDGES currently offers two distinct business activities:

Independence Café

Independence Café, located at the Rockland County Court House, provides a daily convenience to approximately 600 to 1,000 employees, guests and officials.  Staffed by veterans and people with disabilities, the Independence Café uses local vendors to offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate, potato chips, cold beverages and other convenience products.

Workforce Development & Training Center

Workforce Development & Training Center (WDTC) offers training opportunities & internships for individuals with disabilities and others utilizing services.  WDTC teaches job skills to improve certification and employability while providing real-work experience in vocational settings.