System Changes

BRiDGES advocates for system changes under a variety of conditions.  Each recommended system change begins with an assessment of current conditions and how those conditions may be changed to improve access and utility for individuals with disabilities.

Many system changes focus on compliance with laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  These laws help local businesses increase their customer base while also improving access for individuals with disabilities.

Other system changes help introduce reasonable accommodations necessary to allow individuals with disabilities to more fully participate in community settings.  For example, these may include looping technology that addresses needs for individuals with hearing impairments, signage and assistance availability for individuals with disabilities at local businesses, or changes in communication strategies to include multiple media approaches to ensure that each individual receives notification of community interests.

Finally, BRiDGES partners with other organizations in support of improved legislation through advocacy efforts that include regular meetings with elected officials and government agencies.  Through these efforts, BRiDGES ensures that individuals with disabilities are represented, with voices heard, at every level of our communities.