Advocacy for Individuals

Central to a philosophy of Independent Living is the notion that each person, and each person’s situation, is unique.  As an agency dedicated to serving people with various disabilities, BRiDGES acknowledges the value that begins with recognizing the manner in which those disabilities affect the lives of each individual and family.  Accordingly, BRiDGES seeks to fulfill its mission by implementing a thorough approach to each situation.

BRiDGES begins the advocacy process by providing a thorough assessment that addresses each individual’s desires and interests alongside an understanding of how each particular disability affects the person’s capacity to pursue those desires.

In many situations, BRiDGES is able to identify existing services or reasonable accommodations, including those protected by law and others that reflect a common sense approach, to alleviate problems resulting from the disability.  Some situations, however, require a more strategic approach to creating the opportunity for each individual to pursue goals regarding education, employment, home-life, and community interests.  In these situations, BRiDGES works with the individual and a variety of partners that include, and are not limited to, family, faith-based communities, service providers, government agencies, and peers with similar disabilities.  These partnerships provide invaluable supports for each individual utilizing services.