Mission Statement


The mission of BRiDGES is to provide advocacy and leadership towards an accessible, integrated community, promoting health and autonomy for people with disabilities.


The vision of BRiDGES is to establish a barrier-free society; enhancing quality of life for people with disabilities.


SynergyBRiDGES believes individuals working together for the mission and vision of the organization is more powerful than the efforts of individuals working on their own.
Dignity & WorthBRiDGES acknowledges and honors the inherent right and value of each person and treats people in a caring and respectful fashion.
AcceptanceBRiDGES values diversity and inclusion and embraces differences in others.
EmpowermentBRiDGES encourages self-determination, choice and autonomy.
LeadershipBRiDGES champions efforts that lead to change that enhances quality of life within the disability community.