Mission Statement

The mission of BRiDGES is to provide advocacy and leadership towards an accessible, integrated community, promoting health and autonomy for people with disabilities.

Attributes Behaviors
Building Relationships Honesty Be truthful in all communication
Ask for clarification to affirm understanding
Accountability Ask for feedback …and be open to what you hear
Do whatever is needed
Integrity Credit others every time things go well
Accept responsibility every time you can
Investing in


Respect Say “Please” & “Thank you”
Actively listen until everyone understands
Commitment Be mission-driven
Do what you promise
Individuality Affirm what is uniquely valuable in each other
Encourage new perspectives



Advocacy Identify opportunities for speaking out
Encourage others to exceed expectations
Education Observe, Listen, & Learn about others
Provide information & resources for learning
Entrepreneurial Ask “How can it be done better?”
Take reasonable risks with exceptional rewards