‘George To The Rescue’ renovates home of Nanuet organ donor advocate

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Roxanne Watson, who has become an organ donor advocate since her 2010 heart transplant, had the front and back of her Nanuet home renovated courtesy of NBC’s “George to the Rescue”. The finished product was unveiled Friday, August 4th.

Roxanne Watson is well-known for her generous spirit and big personality. She’s also a fierce advocate for organ donation.

The Nanuet resident is a recipient of a heart donated by 23-year-old Michael Blain Bovill, a Coast Guard E3 Fireman who died in July 2010, but gave the gift of life to five people.

She’s worked tirelessly to bring awareness of organ donation and to encourage people to sign up to be organ donors through Long Live NY. For her efforts, Watson got an unusual thank you.

The NBC show “George  To The Rescue” with host George Oliphant, did a complete makeover on Watson’s backyard, which was completed Friday. The show donates home renovations to people because of their good deeds. Long Live NY surprised Watson with a backyard renovation by Oliphant, her favorite home renovation expert.

The show picked Watson because of her dedication to signing up New York organ donors. “I feel awesome; it’s the best thing that ever happened to me,” Watson says.